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Who We Are

We are PCC, we exist to provide physicians with a group of thoroughly vetted, well credentialed attorneys, who are qualified by virtue of their education and experience to best assist physicians with employment contracts and independent contractor agreements. Whether the contract is an associate employment contract or independent contractor agreement, our attorneys are available to you. We passionately strive for excellence in each and every engagement, drawing on a wealth of experience to deliver quality counsel guided by current and forecasted market conditions.

How we work with you!

We are a nationwide healthcare contract review service dedicated exclusively to physicians to make sure they receive the absolute best contract terms possible. With this hyper specialization, we are intimately familiar with the needs of physicians, whether working in private practice, employed by a hospital, or working solo as an independent contractor. Whether working full time or part time, as an owner of a practice or joining a new practice, we know physicians have unique concerns based on their schedules and the services they provide. Physician’s Contract Counsel has handpicked the national’s leading board-certified healthcare attorneys and vetted them to ensure we only work with attorneys that keenly understand physicians and the contracts that govern their practices.

Once you upload your contract it will be assigned to the attorney best qualified to review and revise your contract, as well as advise you of problematic provisions and potential pitfalls. We maintain completely open lines of communication, with each and every contract review you have 24/7 access to your attorney, even well after the contract is signed. All emails are returned within 24 hours and calls can be scheduled whenever needed. Our chief goal is to ensure at the end of the day you thoroughly understand what is in the contract you are considering, and the implications of what is excluded from the contract! We work on a flat fee basis and will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the services you receive.

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